MFAA 2015 National Convention

WIMBN – Dr Joanna McMillan, Healthy You, Healthy Business
Welcome Reception – Munich Brauhaus
Breakfast with Ange Postecoglou
Official Welcome – Effie Zahos, Tim Brown
Siobhan Hayden, Think, Engage, Prosper
Steve Sammartino, The Coming Finance Disruption
Chris Riddell, Digital, Data and Disruption
Industry Leaders Round-tables:
   James Schulze and Marissa Schulze, How to Build and Maintain an Award Winning Business
Doug Mathlin and Peter Dunworth, Mastering Business Relationships
Dominique Bergel-Grant, Diversifying Your Business Revenue
   Stephen Hale and Justin Cooper, Marketing Actions that Keep Growth Happening
Ben Roberts-Smith, Leadership that Defines a Nation
Gala Dinner Soiree en Blanc – Palladium at Crown
Adam Garone, Movember
Kim Seeling Smith, Revolutionising Your Ability to Recruit, Engage and Retain Staff
Bruce Cotterill, Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail
Sandy Geyer, Build your Entrepreneurial Intelligence (EnQ). Build your Business
Gerard Hermens, The Perfect Broking Business
Gihan Perera, Building Online Video Content & Presence
Business Practice Management – People and Leadership
Daniel Flynn, Making the Impossible Possible
Paul McGee, The SUMO Guide to Success

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