Matt Church: Thought leadership, better thinking, better conversations

Matt set the scene to illustrate the time of change that we’re currently in by putting up a slide of an old Nokia mobile phone, reminding everyone how well they worked compared to the current models. He said it shows that the world has gone from the best to the most relevant. From quality to context. Also with so many people using mobile devices on a daily basis, Matt said that credit advisers need to have a mobile-responsive website, otherwise they’re out of the game.

In this ‘decade of disruption’ technical expertise is not as important anymore, it’s the conversation that matters. Leadership has been decentralised so clients are more educated than ever. Your clients are one click away from the information on Google that used to be the integral part of your conversation.

Conversations need to be relevant, engaging and meaningful more so than accurate.

There are three main parts of any conversation:

  • What happened? Content
  • What did they make it mean? Concept
  • What is it about? Context

If you command the context, you command the conversation. Thought leaders listen at the context level rather than the content level.

Disintermediation is becoming more prevalent – cutting out middle man/middle businesses. People want to go to direct to the source so credit advisers need to be aware of this trend and think about how it could affect them.

‘The only way to predict the future is to create it’ – Allan Kay

Real-time advice throughout a client’s life is much more valuable than simply providing advice throughout the loan process: keep communicating with them about property prices, how much equity they have and so on.

There are three types of people in the world: those who make it happen, watch it happen or ask WTF happened.

20 out of every 100 successful patents are the combination of two existing patents. Innovation is more about people who can tailor existing ideas or products in such a way to create something new, than coming up with brand new ideas or products.

Tip: be positively paranoid. What would you do if everything fell apart?

More than 3,000 new books are published every day – credit advisers need to be agile nimble and charismatic in this current day of change.

If your business is about relationships rather than technical expertise then you can’t be outsourced.

Female clients are going to be more and more prevalent – do you have females on your team? Women over 55 are going to be taking on a large portion of national wealth over the next 5 years so they will be one of the biggest economic forces.

Traction-based marketing is where credit advisers need to be focusing their attention. Think about who has your clients’ trust and how can you work with them?

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