Ever left the room feeling like you failed to connect? – Sarah Rozenthuler

Sarah’s session incorporated juggling, and theatresports actors acting out real life scenarios between credit advisers and clients to demonstrate the difference between effective and poor communication.

The real nut to crack in having life changing conversations is getting into the shoes of the person you’re speaking to.

Research in the UK shows that nearly 80% of managers avoid having difficult conversations – due to fear and lacking the know-how. People still consult homoeopathists even though it doesn’t necessarily work because they appreciate being listened to.

Self-awareness, practice and strategies are required for effective communication.

It’s Important to be present and listen, and check your understanding. To help conversations set off on the right foot, find your opening and keep it moving. Acknowledgement of feelings, even if they are difficult, is important. It’s a good idea to have a ‘drop line’ – something you can say when the unexpected happens.

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