Do you want more clients, more time, less cost: Baz Gardner

Baz takes the audience through a social business education process and gives some very helpful tips on how to have a better online presence.

His first tip is about the ‘About us’ section of websites. In the finance industry majority of traffic is directed towards a company’s ‘About’ page. The information on this page should be personalised, interesting and different. It should define your purpose and craft your language of influence. The first 10 seconds on any website are always the most critical.

His second tip was about personal Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Your clients are Googling you, not just your business so make sure you have a professional online presence through LinkedIn.

You Tube is a great platform for housing professional videos – look at having a short (20 seconds) and long (5 minutes) video created. Videos are also a great way to tell client stories.

It is important to be yourself on social media and show your clients who you are – this way you work with people who want to work with you.

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